Skin Care

Daily horse care is not just a method for mutual understanding of the horse and rider but also an excellent opportunity to monitor the health of your horse. During everyday grooming you can easily detect any changes in the skin, abrasions, cuts, etc.

Regular cleaning of the skin and control of the areas which are most vulnerable to a variety of changes will make it possible to avoid unwanted problems and will provide some nice moments spent with your horse.

Our products

Fly Guard Gel

FLY GUARD GEL, rich in natural essential oils, helps effectively prevents horses nervousness caused by the insects.With its gel formula, it perfectly protects your horse’s sensitive head area and other body parts. Recommended for horses intolerant of spray repellents. Does not flow down when sweating.


Fly Guard Natural Spray

Combination of natural essential oils eliminates horse sweat odors, which attracts insects. Containing the tea tree oil, Fly Guard Natural Spray helps stop itch after insect bites.  For adult horses and foals use.


Balm skin serum

Active serum formulated to condition horse’s skin – especially areas of epidermis abrasion and damage as well as dried out areas.


Mud fever ointment

Black Horse compound antibacterial treatment is intended for horses infected with mud fever, eczema, and skin prone to damage. Specially composed ingredients contribute to comprehensive effect of the preparation. 


Eye and muzzle wipes

Eye & Muzzle wipes are recommended to clean delicate horse’s head area without any irritations.