Muscle Care

The key to proper care of the horse's muscles is to prepare them for increased effort before training and the creation of opportunities to relax and cool down afterwards.

Black Horse cosmetics dedicated for the care of muscles will eliminate pain, muscle soreness, minor injuries and swelling. They have anti-inflammatory and relaxing actions as well as accelerate the regeneration of the horse's legs, bringing relief and eliminating horse fatigue.

Our products

Warming liniment for horses

The Black Horse Warming Liniment for Horses soothes and relieves tired muscles, joints and tendons. It aids the process of regeneration of the musculoskeletal system, soothes muscle tension and spasms. It also supports the management of arthritis, inflammatory processes and oedema. 


Cooling and regenerating gel

Exceptionally effective cooling & regenerating gel for horses. Rich and refined composition of the Black Horse gel has cooling and pain-relieving properties which help tired or strained tendons, joints, muscles and ligaments recover.