Leather Care

To enjoy the perfect look of saddlery you should properly take care for them. All leather elements should be cleaned of dirt, dust and sweat using a glycerine soap.

After wet cleaning you should dry them and later impregnate and oil so that the leather skin will not lose its elasticity.

Properly maintained equipment will not only look well but will also be useful for years.

Our products

Cleaning leather spray & foam

Cleaning leather spray&foam perfectly removes dirt, dust, sweat and salt from the leather surfaces such as saddles, bridles, boots etc. Prevents stains and mould. It does not leave greasy makrs.


Shining leather polish

Shining leather polish restores leather sheen and improves it condition. Leather stays nourished, supple and soft. Through the composition of active elements such as lanolin, beeswax and almond oil polish deeply penetrates the leather and maintains it smooth and flexible.