Hoof Care

The hoof is a very complex structure, which has the biggest impact on the condition of your horse. The purpose of daily care is not only taking care of the cleanliness of hooves but also assuring the adequate level of the horn’s humidity.

To ensure an adequate level of hydration and nutrition of the hoof horn and help regenerate damaged hooves it is recommended to use special care products. Below we present Black Horse cosmetics designed for beautiful and healthy hooves.

Our products

Hoof care oil

High quality hoof care oil contains natural and mineral oils. Jojoba and soya oils restore the proper hoof moisture level, make the hoof horn more supple and create a protective coating sealing out dampness. 


Nourishing hoof ointment

Rich in the high quality nutrients hoof ointment.  Recommended especially for lacking polish, dry, and slowly growing hooves, prone to cracking and brittle horn.


Sulfate paste for the hoof frog

A three-phase concentrated preparation for the frog of the hoof is characterized by antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. 


Dry Hoof Spray

For care of the frog grooves areas and the sole of the hoof. To be applied each time after hoof trimming, when picking hooves in horses standing on moist ground, in the case of frog rotting.