Groom Care

Out of concern for the healthy and well-groomed appearance of the horse, daily care is essential. Regular and proper washing and combing the mane and tail as well as cleaning the horse’s hair is not only for the horse to look great, but also for its well-being.

Beauty treatments are also excellent for establishing and maintaining an emotional relation with our pet.

The offer of Black Horse includes cosmetics prepared for the horse’s hair care.

Our products


Glossing lotion Kashmir Touch creates a silky shine on horsehair. Thanks to the cashmere proteins, hair becomes soft, smooth and shiny and resistant to external factors.


QUICK CLEAN dry shampoo

QUICK CLEAN dry shampoo is excellent for removal of all stains from horse hair without using water. Due to contents of active ingredients it removes stains resulting from mud, grass, urea or manure. 


Mane and tail conditioner SHINING GLOSS

A two-phase mane, tail, and hair Black Horse conditioner for everyday use. Rich in vitamins and minerals composition of elements helps comb out horsehair and gives it a healthy look as well as moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens horse’s mane and tail.


Conditioning shampoo for horses

The nourishing and cleaning Black Horse shampoo was formulated specially to condition horse's hair, mane, tail and skin. A carefully selected blend of active components helps the shampoo gently but effectively remove grime restoring at the same time the regular hydrolipidic balance of the epidermis and horsehair.


KERATIN BATH shampoo for horses

KERATIN BATH shampoo is formulated to restore and strengthen hair structure. Thanks to the special formula with keratin its use makes the coat and horsehair soft, bright and shiny. In addition shampoo protects hair against UV rays and wind. 


WHITE GLOSS shampoo for horses

WHITE GLOSS shampoo is uniquely formulated for daily care of light colored horses. Carefully selected blend of active ingredients helps the shampoo to gently and eff ectively remove grime simultaneously restoring the regular hydrolipidic balance of epidermis and horsehair.