Feed Supplements

To prevent nutrients deficiency in the horse's body a balanced, good quality diet sholud be applied, with appropriate hay dose and dietary supplements in feed additives formulation applied to concentrated feedingstuffs or water. 

Our products

Power Plus

High-energy liquid feed additive Power Plus for performance horses and during the period of growth. A rich composition of group B vitamins, vitamin E, selenium and amino acids.


Easy Calm

The mixed Easy Calm horse feed for use in horses in stressful situations or with magnesium deficiency. Thanks to the high content of magnesium and the B group vitamins it effectively regenerates the nervous system.


Equi Vit

The Equi Vit vitamin preparation supplements vitamin and micronutrients
necessary for the proper functioning of the horse’s body. It ensures good stamina,
increases effi ciency and strengthens immunity.


Biotin Max

Owing to carefully selected proportions of biotin and zinc, Biotin Max ensures the proper structure, development and forming of the hoof horn and also improves the hair look and nourishes it, preventing hair loss. 


Hydra Star

Hydra Star liquid feed supplement remedies water and minerals deficiencies (sodium, potassium, chlorine) resulting from excessive sweating. Carefully selected active ingredients, matching the structure of horse sweat, reduce the time necessary for your horse to recover